Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Marketing is the process through which the needs and wants of individual and organizational customers are satisfied through providing goods and services. The BBA program in the Department of Marketing gives students an understanding of basic problems and functions in marketing, and also allows students to develop in-depth exposure to specialized areas according to their interests. The large and diverse faculty of the Marketing Department at Georgia State University allows the department to offer courses covering the broad range of the discipline.

To earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing, students must complete the normal core sequence for BBA students, as specified by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business (which includes Mk 3010 — Basic Marketing), plus four required courses:

  • Mk 4010 – Marketing Metrics
  • Mk 4100 – Buyer Behavior
  • Mk 4200 – Marketing Research
  • Mk 4900 – Marketing Strategy (the capstone course)

The marketing major will also take four 4000-level elective courses. The department currently offers the following elective courses at the undergraduate level:

  • Mk 4305 – Social Media Marketing
  • Mk 4300 – Advertising
  • Mk 4310 – Advertising Campaigns
  • Mk 4315 – Systematic Creativity
  • Mk 4330 – Professional Sales
  • Mk 4331 – Key Account Sales
  • Mk 4340 – Sales Management
  • Mk 4400 – Channels of Distribution
  • Mk 4420 – Retailing
  • Mk 4430 – Physical Distribution
  • Mk 4510 – Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Mk 4600 – International Marketing
  • Mk 4620 – Product Management
  • Mk 4850 – Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Applying to the Undergraduate Program

For more information on applying to the Undergraduate Program, contact the Georgia State University Office of Admissions.

Other Inquiries

You may reach the Marketing Department by phone at 404-413-7650, by fax at 404-413-7699, or by mail at:

Marketing Department
Georgia State University
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