Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program prepares the student for a career in teaching and research. Doctoral students in marketing at GSU work with an enthusiastic, research-active faculty with broad interests and with excellent contacts among leading firms in a variety of industries. The department’s Marketing Roundtable and Retailing Roundtable bring leading figures in business and academics to the campus for discussions with faculty and doctoral students. Doctoral students can also take advantage of the Marketing Department’s three research centers – the Center for Brand and Customer Management, the Center for Mature Consumer Studies, and the Center for Business and Industrial Marketing. In addition, doctoral students can participate in the Marketing Ideas Consortium, a cooperative effort linking the marketing faculties of GSU, Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia and Emory University, which also sponsors lectures by leaders in academic marketing research.

Graduates of our program

Graduates of Robinson’s Ph.D. program in marketing teach at respected institutions including Tennessee, Maryland, Purdue, Texas Tech, Alabama, Thunderbird, Kentucky, Northeastern, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Notre Dame and New York University.

Recent Dissertation Areas

  • Customer Lifetime Valuation
  • Multichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Equity and Customer Equity
  • Relationship Building in Virtual Communities
  • Consumer Relationship Management
  • Web Expertise
  • Information Processing in Online Environments
  • Impact of Life Events on Consumer Behavior
  • Service Guarantees
  • International Brand Equity

  • International Distribution Management
  • Organizational Downsizing and Outsourcing
  • Retail Site Selection
  • Relationship Quality
  • Pioneering Advantage
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Mentoring in Sales Management
  • Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance
  • Service Failure and Recovery

Thinking About Applying?

New doctoral students are admitted in the fall term only. Each year’s application deadline typically falls around January 8. In admitting new students to the program, the department’s doctoral committee attempts to assess each applicant’s potential to excel in the doctoral program and in a career as a marketing academic. As part of this process, the committee looks at the applicant’s GMAT scores, previous success in college-level work, recommendation letters and personal statement.

GMAT score Students whose latest GMAT scores fall below the 50th percentile, on either the verbal or quantitative subtest, cannot be considered for admission. The average GMAT score of all students recently admitted to the program is approximately 700.
Success in undergraduate and graduate programs The committee considers both grade point average and institutional reputation.
Recommendation letters The committee requires three letters of recommendation from persons who can evaluate the applicant’s potential for success in a demanding curriculum and in a career as a marketing professor.
Personal statement The Marketing Ph.D. and a career in academe are not for everyone. The committee will examine your personal statement for evidence that you understand the program and have the motivation to excel.

The Program

Students typically take a minimum of 4 years to complete the doctoral program in marketing. Students typically complete all course work, including doctoral seminars in marketing (Marketing Theory, Marketing Models, Buyer Behavior, Inter-organizational Issues, Structural Equation Modeling and Marketing Strategy), six courses in Research Methods, and 1 course in Microeconomics within the first two years. The next two years are typically devoted to passing the comprehensive exam, developing the dissertation proposal, and completing the dissertation.

The Department usually supports doctoral students who make good progress in the program with a combination of research and teaching assistantships for the first 4 years of the program. Currently, the total value of this support is around $18,000 per year plus complete tuition waiver. After the students pass the comprehensive exam and successfully defend their dissertation proposal they are eligible to be considered for the position of Temporary Instructor. The current salary of this position is $30,000 per academic year.


For more information regarding the doctoral program and admissions please contact Dr. V. Kumar, Ph.D. Coordinator, Marketing Department

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