International Affiliations

The Center is inviting educational institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies around the globe to collaborate in pursuing its mission. It is seeking affiliates, sponsors and collaborators to participate in, assist with, or facilitate its efforts. CMCS relationships with other organizations are in the forms of affiliations and sponsorships.

International affiliations with organizations around the globe are in the form of CMCS satellite centers (“Units”) that operate independently. These Units have the same mission, operate in the same fashion, and pursue the same goals as CMCS-USA. They are academic institutions and corporations whose activities are restricted to select geographic regions (usually countries).

  • Academic Units
    These satellite centers are academic institutions that conduct research of interest to several potential users. Their research is aimed at generating information to address issues of interest to marketing practitioners, public policy makers, and academicians.
  • Corporate Units
    Corporate units of CMCS are similar to the academic units, but their activities lack academic focus.

Benefits to CMCS Satellite Units

  • Access to national and cross-cultural studies conducted by the Units in various parts of   the globe.
  • Name recognition (strong “brand equity”) due to CMCS’s twenty-year visibility in USA and abroad, making easier to obtain sponsorships, contracts and grants from   corporations and governments.
  • Ready-to-implement concepts (products and services) that CMCS has already developed, pre-tested or determined to be in demand.
  • A vehicle for attracting grants and contracts due to affiliate Centers’ access   to networks of experts.
  • International visibility via each Unit’s affiliation with other similar Centers around the world.
  • Access to advisory services (consultation) on issues that professionals at CMCS and its   Units have had familiarity and expertise.
  • Enhanced image/specialization of the Unit’s organization, department, college, and university.
  • Networking among the CMCS affiliate units for the purpose of locating experts, services, and information needed.
  • A vehicle for organizing conferences, symposia, and roundtables for bringing together   professionals from other Units,   sponsors, and other interested parties around   the globe.
  • Peer reviews of manuscripts before submission to journals.


  • The Unit’s web page, stationary and other tangible vehicles of communication should   mention its affiliation with the “parent” CMCS at Georgia State University.
  • Pay for expenses for data collection and processing that involve collaborative studies   in which the Unit’s researchers participate.
  • Provide assistance and feedback, such as review papers, to other researchers who   request it.
  • Share working papers, articles, and monographs, other than proprietary information,   with researchers of other Units.
  • As long as corporate Units use “CMCS” or mention their affiliation with any CMCS Unit, they are required to donate to CMCS-GSU the sum of US$3000.00   annually.
  • Compensate faculty members of other Units, either monetarily or via co-authorship,   for providing significant assistance with commercial/government and academic projects, respectively. Such arrangements are to be agreed upon  by the interested parties prior to the initiation of the project.
  • All Units are to adhere to the code of ethics set forth by the American Marketing Association.

Criteria for Accepting Affiliations

Organizations interested in establishing CMCS satellite centers in their regions must meet several criteria that are needed for accomplishing their mission. Such criteria include the educational and professional preparation of the organization’s staff that would be involved in the various activities related to the center’s mission, its available resources for carrying out the various tasks, and its interest in a long-term relationship with CMCS and other satellite centers.

Organizations that would like to be a part of the global CMCS network must submit a letter of request that outlines their interests for joining the network, their background and present resources, the geographic territories in which they would like to operate, as well as the types of activities they wish to pursue as CMCS satellite Units.   A committee reviews such requests bi-annually, and determines whether the organization should represent CMCS and its affiliate Units. In the event more than one organization applies for the same geographic region simultaneously, priority is given to the one that best meets the criteria. Units are given territorial exclusivity, and no more than one organization may operate within a specified region (usually country). Letters should be addressed to: George P. Moschis, Center for Mature Consumer Studies, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, University Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA.