Who Should Participate

  • Organizations which wish to understand how to appeal to mature consumer segments to better satisfy their consumption needs.
  • Organizations which want to communicate their support of older consumers.
  • Organizations which want to learn more about what is being done in the research arena   to better satisfy mature consumers.
  • Organizations which wish to learn what other corporations are doing in their efforts to   better appeal to mature consumers.
  • Foundations or agencies interested in information that could be used in developing   social programs and legislation to protect older consumers and enhance their   well-being.
  • Organizations that represent the interests of older consumers and need information to lobby in favor of their members.
  • Corporations that wish to communicate and document their altruistic concern for the well-being of older adults to   combat public criticism and create positive image.
  • Organizations based in foreign countries (governments, corporations, foundations)   interested in addressing similar issues by forming alliances with CMCS and its   satellite Units to support CMCS ‘s mission.