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Books contain information on issues of interest to marketers in several industries.  These books are based on existing knowledge generated from research studies or other sources of information regarding the effectiveness of marketing activities. There are presently five such books available:

Marketing to Older Consumers: A Handbook of Information for Strategy Development

This book was written to help practitioners more effectively design and market products and services to the older consumer. It helps the reader understand how older consumers behave in the marketplace and why they behave the way they do. The book summarizes existing knowledge on older adult behavior in the marketplace, explains reasons for consumer behavior in later life, and helps the reader translate knowledge into marketing action.

Marketing Strategies for the Mature Market

This book helps organizations develop effective marketing strategies for serving the older consumer market. Assistance is provided in the form of information and recommendations for marketing action. Existing knowledge is summarized and additional information from a large-scale study is presented to fill gaps in existing knowledge. Using the strategic framework familiar to marketers, information is organized and presented as it may apply to specific stages in the strategic marketing process; key issues are raised and information is presented to address them. This book is intended for the busy marketer who needs access to “state-of-the art” knowledge and its implications for marketing strategic development. It also includes information on the mature market, market segmentation, and market targeting, as well as analysis of older consumers’ behavior with respect to areas of the strategic marketing process.

Gerontographics: Life-Stage Segmentation for Strategy Development

The mature consumer market is highly heterogeneous, and to reach it most effectively marketers must fit different marketing strategies to different market subsegments. The book describes a marketing tool that not only can help segment the market but can target it successfully. The market segmentation model is based on state-of-the-art knowledge and methodology. It shows marketers how to develop industry-specific marketing strategy, and demonstrates why this approach works. That, plus the fact that the model can be integrated into other databases to enhance their value, makes this book especially useful to marketing professionals, and to students and teachers of marketing on the graduate level.

The Maturing Marketplace: Buying Habits of Baby Boomers and Their Parents

This book examines and compares the buying behavior of baby boomers and older age groups with respect to food products, apparel and footwear, drugs and cosmetics, housing, technology products and telecommunication services, health care, travel and leisure, and financial and insurance services. It focuses on preferences for selected providers, information sources, payment methods, and reasons for buying direct. Analyses of responses by specific demographic and lifestyle characteristics and media use habits are included in each chapter that addresses the specific product or service category. The information comes from two national surveys conducted by the Center for Mature Consumer Studies. Implications of the information are suggested to help marketers design effective strategies to reach these two large groups of consumers.

Baby Boomers and Their Parents: Surprising Findings about Their Lifestyles, Mindsets, and Well-Being

This book summarizes 20 years of research at the Center for Mature Consumer Studies.  It also presents key findings from several other recent studies concerning these two most important generations.  The book discusses differences and similarities between baby boomers and their elders in a wide variety of areas, including finances, buying habits, lifestyles, physical and emotional well-being, and outlook on life.  The information presented is aimed at helping readers improve the quality of their lives and helping businesses increase profits by making consumers happier. (To order this book, visit

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Industry-Specific Research Reports

These reports are based on national surveys. They contain information of interest to marketers of specific products and services.
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Segment-Specific Research Reports

Special-Segment Reports  focus on mature segments possessing specific characteristics.  They report on various aspects of that segment’s consumer behavior based on research from CMCS’s recently completed national studies.
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Special-Use Reports

These industry reports are comprehensive handbooks of information on a variety of topics concerning marketing of specific products and services to older Americans. These manuals are written for practitioners who wish to develop internal reports and presentations on the mature market. The reports help one:

  • Access statistical information for products and services
  • Gain quick access to research studies on specific topics concerning the products or services they market
  • Perform environmental scanning quickly and inexpensively, reporting on competitors’ plans and actions as well as on recent trends and developments that could affect their marketing activities
  • Learn about the effectiveness of various marketing strategies implemented by organizations in the same industry
  • Obtain new data from recently conducted (unpublished) surveys by CMCS on timely topics or debatable issues
  • Use scientifically based guidelines recommended by CMCS experts for developing marketing strategies on specific products and services
  • Obtain extensive lists of references of published documents

These reports are developed on a per-need basis to satisfy certain information needs. They vary in scope, ranging from reports prepared for legal purposes to those prepared to satisfy specific marketing information needs. These can also be general-purpose reports, focusing on an entire industry.

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Articles and Papers

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Student Projects

Selected student projects from the graduate class Marketing to Older Consumers are available. These projects are developed as part of the requirement for the course and contain strategic recommendations for marketing specific products and services to older consumers.

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